CHSLD privé L.-B. – Desjardins is a family owned business and has been operating since 1964. We want to maintain this family atmosphere and we hope that all our staff will develop a sense of belonging to this beautiful family.

Job Opportunities 2021


We are currently looking for an orderly to work at the L.B. Desjardins inc. in Saint-Sauveur. Day, evening and night shifts. Send your resume quickly!


  • One year of experience in a similar position would be an asset
  • We recognize the achievements of the same job title with another employer
  • Autonomy, professionalism, ability to adapt and thoroughness

Working conditions:

  • Shift work offered according to your availability
  • Salary targeted by the departmental increase
  • Paid orientation
  • We offer training

Other positions available

    • Nursing Assistant

(Salary targeted by the MSSS increase)

    • Orderly

(Salary targeted by the MSSS increase)

  • Plunger
  • Housekeeping Attendant
  • Nurse