Short stay / convalescence

CHSLD L.-B.- Desjardins : convalescent home, respite and post-operative care

Short stay and convalescence: a caring team. Sometimes big changes happen suddenly in your life. Whether it is an illness or your health problems, all these reasons are valid for considering convalescent care. The short stay will allow you to receive convalescent care and live safely in a convalescent care center such as the CHSLD L.-B.- Desjardins, located in the Montreal area.

Short stay, convalescence home, CHSLD L.-B.- DesjardinsWith more than 50 years of experience in health care and dedicated staff, your parents or your grandparents will be in good hands in our long-term care facility. Auxiliary nurses, meanwhile, are always available and listening.

Our short-term stay nursing home is ideal for the followers of walks, we are located near the cafe in the village. And if your heart tells you, you can also enjoy shopping in the shops in our area.

A reminder of the reasons for considering the short stay

If you are planning to move to convalescent care or simply try our facilities, be aware that you should not take this decision lightly because you are facing a serious and significant change in your life.

Changing your life by living in a convalescent center may seem tedious, but thanks to a safe atmosphere that offers the CHSLD L.-B.- Desjardins, you will be assured of:

    • Become more active and social
    • No have to worry about daily tasks such as the preparing meals and washing clothes
    • Enjoy the chance to make new friends

How to book your short stay

To make sure you have a place, call us toll-free at 1-866-568-2241.

Our team will always be there to provide the best health care and respite for your body and mind. We look forward to counting you among us!

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